How to make your boyfriend love you more

How to make your boyfriend love you more – My story

Hi, I am Natalia here, a 22 year old woman and thank you for visiting my webpage. You are on the right place place if you are looking to learn how to make your boyfriend love you more and make him happy forever. You are here on this page because you have some underlying insecurity in your mind, Right ?? You know, like you I also used to search over the internet for a solution and wanted desperately to clear my doubt. I found some WIKI HOW articles and also went through tons of articles in various websites. Tried their tips and ways but nothing seemed to work for me.

I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you to go through this webpage if you are serious about your relationship and if you want to be with your boyfriend for rest of your life. Here I am sharing some of my knowledge honestly about an online program which is ESSENTIAL before you download a copy.  Remember If you can’t HIT RIGHT on ‘THAT’ very spot of  man’s mind then THERE is no point of trying to get the result you want to see.

Before I tell you HOW I found a solution let me tell you WHY I wanted it.

Here was what happened to me :

I fell in love with a guy called Ron. I won’t go on telling you how and where, all that stuff but I started finding my true love in him.

We were dating and having fun whenever we used to meet. We had even spent some nights together and had our intimate moments. I was very happy with him. For a not so good looking woman like me, finding a soulmate is like staying in the heaven all the time.

Then came the time when I found myself in a situation where probably you are in. I had to go to Singapore for one of my cousins wedding ceremony. I was there for almost one month. We used to keep contact over text and maintaining a sweet long distance relationship (at least I thought it was).

After coming back to London I started noticing my boyfriend’s “ignorance”. Initially I thought he was upset for not being with him for a long time but time passed by and gradually I started noticing a complete changed in his behavior towards me, as if he started losing interest in me. I was shocked and disheartened. I started feeling as if I am going to lose him forever. I wanted desperately his love, warmth, attention, carefulness  the same way he used to show.

Long story short. I talked to this matter with one of my closest friend, Nancy. I still remember that I was in so much of pain, I could hardly talked to her. We talked for hours and then with hesitation she introduced me to a program called “The Devotion System” and asked me to have a look. Nancy told me that one of her cousin sisters had great success following this program. Just to keep her word I had a look at the program. My initial reaction was “WHAT IS THIS ??” What is the man talking about. I IMMEDIATELY closed it, dropped the idea and started searching over the net to find another way to my curiosity with all these terms – how to make a man love you again or how to make him desire you again etc. I tried many tips on this topic but couldn’t get my real boyfriend back.

Click here if you want to see the program : “The Devotion System”


I kept on thinking what went wrong during that time. We were so much in love with each other. Just can’t imagine my life without Ron. Then one night I was sitting in front of my Laptop and decided to watch the program “The Devotion System” again, which my friend suggested me. I watched the full video. Tried to figure out what exactly Amy North (the creator of the program) is trying to say. Then I decided, WHY not give it a try. I signed up for it and started following their steps (which were applicable to me).

Believe me it worked. I found my true love again, I found my old Ron back and you can see in the picture above how happy we are now. He now loves me like crazy, more than anything else 🙂

How it works:

Was this a miracle or what ?? Actually NO. What this program does is UNLOCK the SECRET DESIRES of men. You get to know what actually your man secretly wants. Men have some primary needs which they never or I should say can’t tell you. We, as women, want to be cherished all the time. We want our men to behave like the way we want to and that is the biggest mistakes we make every time. Women need love but men need RESPECT. There is a huge difference between the thoughts of both the sexes. You need to unlock this code. As I said earlier, if you CAN’T HIT “right there” on that spot then there is no point of trying. Whatever you do, nothing will work. There are so many techniques in the program – “The Devotion System” that whatever situation you are in or how much ever you want to make your boyfriend love you, the solution is there.

Advantages of this Program:

  1. Easy to follow.
  2. It speaks your mind- how you think, how you behave at certain time.
  3. This program helps you to understand what man expect from his partner.
  4. You can choose your techniques from your situation. All completely covered.
  5. Helps developing you as a confident women what men like the most.
  6. Teaches you how to show respect towards your men. Little little things but very important ones.
  7. Helps amazingly well to avoid the mistakes you make every day with your partner.
  8. Shows how to get over a conflict without even hurting his ego.
  9. You’ll learn how to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.
  10. This program comes with both in Audio and Video format. Members area and support team is as excellent as the product itself. They are really there to help you with every way possible.
  11. The bonuses are as great as the main program and much more..

Disadvantages of this Program :

  1. The video presentation of the landing page is not as great as the program. My initial impression was not good. I tried it only because of my friend’s suggestion.
  2. Probably many women would skip this program because of the problem mentioned above. Amy could have make it more professionally to give a good first impression about the program.
  3. Its not a physical product but who wants it as long as it gives you astounding result.

You’ll get total of 33 techniques to learn and get to know how to get a man want you more than ever. There are 3 amazing BONUSES with this package which are fantastic as well. I think every woman should have this program. Every woman should know the inner desires of her man, the way he thinks, the way he loves to get treated. It helps to build a healthy relationship which will keep you happy forever.


Click here if you want to see the program : “The Devotion System”


We attended a live webinar with Amy North, the creator of the program The Devotion System and a well known relationship expert. I have included only the “interesting part” what Amy describes in her amazing product (where you’ll learn in depth). Watch the video if you are interested..

I found my way to understand the Real answer to the question -How to make your boyfriend love you more ?? If you want your man to go absolute wild about you and dance with your tune then you can try What men secretly want once if you want. Thanks for reading and visiting my little webpage. I wish you a great love life and grow older with the man you love.

Take care,

Best regards,

Natalia Gunz.

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How to Make A Man Commit To You

When it comes to getting a man to commit, it’s important to know where to start.

Since you can’t force a relationship, it’s key that he feels a desire to be with you. In other words, he needs to believe that his life is greater with you in it.

That said, you can’t push or pressure him to be with you. If you do, he’ll only pull away.

To kickstart a commitment with your man, try these tips on for size.

Be decisive.

As much as guys like to be in control, they don’t want to have to call the shots for you, too. Instead of counting on him to decide on your dinner plans or weigh in on your outfit options, do it yourself!

Men find indecisiveness draining, so if you want to keep him coming back for more it’s crucial that you learn how to be independent and have options of your own.

Do the little things.

As manly as he may seem, he still likes to be taken care of. To show you guy that life’s better with you in it be the one who goes the extra mile to make him smile.

While it’s one thing to tell him that you appreciate him, as the old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” Something as simple as surprising him with a nice home-cooked meal or a case of his favorite beer can do wonders for your relationship. For more ideas on how to make him commit click here and watch the video.
Keep living your own life.

It’s tough not to get swept up in romance, but if you want to make you guy commit to you it’s important that you have a life without him.

Sure, it may be great spending all of your free time with him, but if you push your life to the side for him he’ll see how easily he has you.

On the other hand, if you make him work for your time by keeping busy with friends, family and other hobbies he’ll not only want to see you more, but he’ll even miss you when you’re not around.

Be willing to try new things.

Whether it’s a foreign cuisine or a kinky sex position, being open and willing to try new things with your man is important, especially when it comes to getting him to commit.

Since most men are adventurous at heart, keeping your relationship exciting and new will prevent him from feeling bored or looking elsewhere for love.

Be his rock.

When a man knows he can rely on you he’ll feel a connection to you like no other. Thus, if you want him to commit to a relationship, you need to be the one he can count on.

To show him this it’s important that you’re a woman of your word. Meaning, if you say you’re going to do something, do it. When he knows he can depend on you to follow through he’ll feel secure with you.

It’s also important that you have an open ear, and be the person he can talk to about anything and everything. When he does share his hopes and dreams with you encourage him to chase them. Never tell him that something is out of his reach, but rather be his biggest fan.

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How to stay calm when your relationship is at stake

Staying calm at a point when you see your boyfriend is ignoring you, your trust and love, is not easy. When you see that your relationship is at stake its never easy to be normal. I have gone through this phase and believe me your brain stops working at that point. You find yourself in so much of pain that you feel like killing that person whom you love more than your life. Its very much natural.

But this is the phase you should act as normal as you can. Yes, its true. Can you?? Tough right. But.. You have to. When you can have a relationship with someone it means you are matured enough to tackle your situation. You are no more a baby to show your childish nature anymore.

Sad woman's faceHow to stay calm at this situation then? How can you control your emotions? What steps to be taken to keep your emotions under control. Well we’ll discuss that in a moment but before that few things you should need to discover.

Firstly, Ask yourself how much acceptance you have? Can you handle failure? Can you make yourself mentally tough enough to tackle any situation??

Secondly, Do you have enough courage to come out of your emotional trauma? Can accept life as it comes to you??

Thirdly, Ask yourself how much you love your family. I know it sounds stupid but this is the most important question you should ask yourself.

I am asking these questions not because these will help you to stay calm and tackle your difficult situation but to find your inner self so that these will help you going forward in your life.

I’ll tell you what I initially did to make my situation easy when Ron, my boyfriend, was going away from me rather than giving you some expert tips.

The very first step I took was to be with my parents and sisters as much as I can. This helped me fill up the hollow created by his absence. This is the time you feel how special you are to your family. It gave me more strength at that time.

Then I tried to evaluate what exactly went wrong. I found few of my mistakes later when my boyfriend came back to me, of course with the help of the program – What men secretly want. When you try to evaluate yourself you tend to control your emotions silently. Trust me this helped me a lot.

Then I decided and made my mind to fight back. Here, by fighting back I didn’t mean fighting with your boyfriend. When you truely desire what you want, I promise, you can achieve that. You’ll find a way for your problem. Taking a strong decision can make you more stronger than before. You’ll feel that from inside. This will in fact help you grow as a complete person.

Now there are so many programs available on the internet to find out how make your boyfriend love you more than ever that there shouldn’t be any difficulties to fight with such situations. I have created this website so that no one else should struggle like me. I sincerely wish it.

Trauma, pain, frustration – keep these word aside and try What men secretly want. Every woman should have this program to maintain a healthy relationship with your love ones. After all you are here on this website to find your way out.

Stay happy 🙂

How to please your man at ease

When I say how to please your man, Its not necessarily means that you should be with him in bed all the time to do so. Absolutely not. Men are very soft from inside and they always look for someone who understand them as well as want their best support in them.

It is also equally true that men are sexually more vibrant than women. “The requirement of touch is hugely important, especially for men,” says Lou Paget, certified sex educator. Man like touching more compared to women to get connected.

There are few tips to follow to see your man happy and here is how to make him desire you more.

Respect : Men are egoistic. They want their importance to show every time and if their ego gets hurt then you largeknow what happens!! The very first thing I would suggest is to respect your man’s feelings and let him feel your concern towards his work, decision and expression (as much as you can).

Research : Do your own research about your man, may be from his family or friends will tell you more about his likings and dislikings. This can be a great help to understand your partner more easily rather than waiting  and knowing him over the times.

Surprise kiss : Surprise him with a kiss. A real long passionate kiss. Your man should be surprised with your luscious lip-lock and this will create a mojo over him. Men loves this kind of surprise, take my word for granted.

Full body embrace : A tight passionate hug, a real pressing-up-against-his-body bear hug makes a man go wild at you. It helps your man to feel warm-blooded love towards him. He falls for it and his desire of loving you become more and more strong and passionate.

Soothing touch : Some man loves it. May be rubbing his hair or rubbing his back make him feel important to you. These are very simple trick to please your man. You can do these anywhere, anytime you feel like. Don’t forget to play with his chest hair 🙂 whenever you get a chance.

Text him : If you text him during his working hours and showing your concern can make him go crazy about you. This can release his work pressure and help refreshing his mind. But please don’t overdo it and never irritate him with some unpleasing text.

These are some simple tips to make your man desire you more. “What men secretly want” has some amazing tips which can pull your man and fall in love with you again and again. The amazing three word phrase (not the ones you’re thinking) is superb. I would highly recommend you to give it a try if you want. Its worth having.

Looking for marriage ?? Make him want you like crazy

Looking for marriage ?? Make him want you like crazy for you

I’ve my share of success with the program I mentioned in “my story” column. I am getting married with my boyfriend after 4 years of relationship. I am excited and thrilled.

See, I am writing my articles for all women in general whoever needs there problem to be shorted out. I am trying to write as simply as I can. Kindly bare with me.

Marriage is the biggest decision in any girls life. It completly changes the whole approach of your life. Its beautiful as well as frightening sometime. Isn’t it ??

Before you take any decision for marriage I would suggest you to make your man want you like crazy. How about that ?? You will have a better married life with a healthy relationship.

As we found these days that arrange marriage has almost vanished from our society. No matter what kind of marriage you are going for – Love or arranged, no matter from which country you belong these tricks work awesome.

 Before I go and share some of the secrets to make your man go completely crazy it is important to find your soulmate in him. If you feel that there are some differences in between you two (mostly takes place in arrange marriage) then I think you would give a second thought. Woundn’t you ??


Amazing part is that NOW you can make any kind of guys go mad about you with the help of the program -“Be irresistible-What men secretly want”. Don’t worry this is not crappy at all. In fact I found this whole program is not what explains in the video, its beyond that. This program teaches how even a simple “HELLO” can sound sexy and appealing to a man.

Here are some tips to make him crazy and love you more –

1. Increase communication skill with your “would be” husband and start showing interest on his interest and try to get emotionally tuned with him as much as possible.(Please don’t be artificial)

2. Start respecting your man. Everything about him – his job, his freedom, his hobbies everything. Your man will love this attitude of yours and go crazy for you.

3. If your are having a long time relationship with your boyfriend like I have then start showing a “different you”. No, no, not in a negative sense. Start behaving like a wife . Not like a TYPICAL wife of course. Show care and respect for him so that he gets more comfortable with you.

4. Start developing a “confindence of certainity”. Never suspect or distract him from his work or what he does. He should feel a real positive vibrant from you which will lead him to go completely crazy about you.

5. Last tip would be sharing your secrect desire with him. If you are shy or if it is an arrange marriage then start sending text to him. I think “Language of desire” can be a great help in this regard. If you can trigger his masculine, manly happiness, then your man will go so crazy about you that he can’t think of anything else but you.

Be irresistible-What men secretly want is the right program in this situation if are looking for marriage. If you need your boyfriend to be loyal, if you want to build a healthy love relationship and grow old with him then you can try this program once. These secret language of desire directly hit at that part of a man’s desire that he completely goes mad. I am telling you from my experiences. You can see how happy I look with my pictures. This is what we all want – happiness and peace in life. 

How to get your boyfriend impulsive and love you more than ever

How to get your boyfriend impulsive and love you more than ever – 2 weird ways

Over the years what I have found is, in a relationship, its the girl who has to play a strong part to make a relationship healthy. Understanding is the key but men normally reacts pretty easily than a girl. We have more emotional control than men.

Dressing up sexy and going out with your guy and spending some time don’t actually keep a man happy for a long time. To have a long term relationship and to make your boyfriend love you like crazy you should follow two weird ways.

So the question is – What to do to make your boyfriend love you more ?? Here I’ll tell you how to make a man love you again and again, I mean forever.

Firstly You have to be emotionally in tune with your man. You should understand your boyfriend emotional part rather than the logical part. Most women don’t understand this. They do everything right to keep her boyfriend happy but failed miserably because they ignore this important element “EMOTION”.

The women who understand this critical concept of becoming emotionally in tune with her man, she can make her image1boyfriend love her more and make him dance with her tune.

Even though men shows they are tough, egoistic, masculine but there is a point where he needs emotional support from someone. This is the point exactly where a girl comes in. You should know your boyfriends emotional needs and provide him warm support. Why not ?? After all you love him so much.

Secondly, Establish yourself as a valuable asset in his mind. Every woman in this world loves diamond. Do you know why ?? Is it because its looks pretty ?? Is it because its expensive ?? No. It is because they are rare and not easy to acquire. So Diamond are perceived as most valuable.

In order to make your boyfriend love you like crazy you have to present yourself as super valuable asset to him. Like the Diamond of course.

You position yourself in such a way that your boyfriend finds his true love in you. He should be scared to lose you and would even fight to keep you in his life.

“Be irresistible-What man secretly want” is such a wonderful program for any women where it is taught how to become a valuable asset to you boyfriend and make him go absolute crazy about you.

Its very difficult to find a mentor who actually teaches how get control over your love life. When I was searching for a solution I found some article in wiki how with some weird picture and probably gone through hundreds of websites. Implement their tips which don’t work at all.

To know how to make your boyfriend love you more you should know what a man secretly want which he never tells you. You should get into his thought, his mind, his desire without even letting him know. I enjoyed the program “Be irresistible-What men secretly want”. It helped me finding my love again. Its like a piece of DIAMOND to me.

How to make him desire you by developing sexy confidence

How to make him desire you by developing sexy confidence

Only trying to make physical attraction doesn’t work all the time . Man are little different in nature the woman. They often don’t understand their emotions and desires. They are mysterious even to themselves. This makes it rather difficult to know how to maximally attract them while sidestepping the landmines that can obliterate a relationship just when it was getting good.
image2Man doesn’t carried away only with physical looks. Every individual is different in their perspective while showing desire to a woman but there is a common aspect which every man like the most. Its the real confidence of a woman. By saying confidence I don’t mean any kind of leadership or authority type of confidence. I mean the kind of confidence a mother shows to protect her infant. Where there’s no self-doubt or bashfulness. The unshakable focus towards goal. The actual inner confidence which glow you as a matured woman which makes you more sexier then ever before to him.

This type of confidence comes naturally to those who have a strong sense of certainty. What I am trying to mean here is to be certain about your relationship with the man you are having. That certainty has to be seen by your boyfriend or your husband and then they end up finding true love in you.

If you can posses this kind of real confidence in you then man who is in love with you will automatically fall for you more than before and subconsciously he develops a strong desire for you. This is a powerful hidden secret to make a man desire for you and love you more.

Always rely more on attraction than chasing.

Ways to make your boyfriend love you more – See how to do it.

Ways to make your boyfriend love you more – See how to do it.

Well, what I found with my experience over the years with my boyfriend ( we are getting married soon ) that there are certain ways to make your boyfriend love you more.

The program “Be irresistible-What men secretly want” has shown me some amazing ways to capture his heart without changing your attitude or anything else. Today I am going to share few of my own ways which worked wonder with me. See, we are in a relation for 4 years now and still going strong.

Lets see some of the ways. Are you ready ??

1. All men have a soft spot underneath the rough emotional exterior. How much ever they show their toughness, ego, dominating nature but at the end of the day they need emotional support from somebody. Women are very good at this, aren’t we ?? Be a good mental and emotional support to your boyfriend. It should be strong and positive so that he finds his best buddy in you. See how wonderfully this works and your boyfriend or your husband start loving you more than before.

2. Every man expect admiration and respect from the woman he loves. Apart from physical needs a man can not image3stand a deep passionate type of relationship. Testosterone is the male sex hormone. When it is active, he feels manly, alive and happy. This male sex hormone can be affected by the way he is treated. Be sure not to hurt your boyfriend or your husbands ego. Remember your man will lose interest if you continuously hurt his male ego.

3. A typical man wants to be understood his liberty and freedom by his lover. There has too be a certain space in his relationship and you should understand the kind of space can be given. You have to be confident enough about your relationship so that the balance can be maintained. This will help your boyfriend love you more.

4. To know how to make your boyfriend love you more you should find out his wild fantasies. It is pretty easy than you are thinking. Man love to talk dirty with his girlfriend. That gives him immense pleasure and all you have to do is to be a part of it. You need to have good communication with your boyfriend. If you are shy then it can also be done over phone. Sometime this will make you crazy about your boyfriend too.

5. The last but most important way to make your boyfriend or husband make you love you more is to fulfill physical desire. Man fantasies his sexual life in a certain way. Men are wilder than women. All men are fond of pron movies and they like some kind of wild things about it. If your man finds his wild sexual imagination to fulfill with you then he will keep loving you more than you can dream of. How you can do it. Start watching it and you will find your way.

Falling in love is of course a underneath sexual desire for both sexes. It is natural. Nothing wrong about it. Educating yourself for physical satisfaction can be a great help for a healthy relationship. I have taken this BOLD step to provide you information which was not available when my relationship with my boyfriend was in stake. Hope this article will be some kind of help to you guys who want to know “how to make your boyfriend love you more“. I can understand your problem better than the other guys who are writing about it.

How to make a man fall in love with you – 7 secrets

How to make a man fall in love with you – 7 secrets

If you are single and finding your true love then this section is for you. A man approaches a girl only then when heimage4 can’t pull him back from loving her. It may be for various reasons. If you like a guy and want him to love you then follow these 7 secrets to find your true love.

Falling in love or to want to fall in love with a man of your choice is the alarm of your sexual desire. You want to be in the arms of the man you like.

1. The first thing to see whether you are happy from inside or not. Man likes happy female faces. Happiness brings immense glow in anyone face. You can’t be artificial about it. A man should feel positive vibrant from you.

2. Femininity is sexy. Women can accentuate the way their body triggers a man’s sexual interest simply by adopting a feminine stance. To make a man fall in love with you, your femininity should be seen from every angle. Not only from your physical look but also from other behaviors as well.

3. Makeup works. By using light cover and improving your complexion, eye lashes, nails etc you can trigger man’s attraction. Men love to be with a girl who is slightly stylish with natural beauty. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

4. When a man looking for a partner he also tries to find out woman’s positive vibrancy. Energetic and confident woman with a positive attitude can attract any man quite easily. Men normally look for a girl for long term relationship. He tries to evaluate how will a girl behave in his life. Will he receive respect and love together from that girl etc.

5. Wear clothes that fit snugly against your hip and waist so that your curves do the talking for you. Try to look physically attractive by revealing femininity at its best. Maintain your figure. Men don’t like fat women.

6. Look around what kind of girls men are attracted to or friends with. Try to discover how other girls attracting men to them. Don’t blindly follow them but try to figure out the reason which you are lacking.

7. As I said earlier Never be artificial. Be what you are. Never follow anyone if you don’t like their life style. Don’t chase anything. Improve your personality and communication skill. Guys will definitely fall for you.

There can be many other aspect when man falls in love with a girl but one common thing is that when a man evaluates a woman, he automatically and unconsciously makes a mental judgment about the extent to which she will contribute or detract from his sense of ‘success’ as a man. Whether he will be respected or not.

Pairs are made in heaven so try to be a happy energetic women, you will surely find your true love in no time. Good Luck.