How to please your man at ease

When I say how to please your man, Its not necessarily means that you should be with him in bed all the time to do so. Absolutely not. Men are very soft from inside and they always look for someone who understand them as well as want their best support in them.

It is also equally true that men are sexually more vibrant than women. “The requirement of touch is hugely important, especially for men,” says Lou Paget, certified sex educator. Man like touching more compared to women to get connected.

There are few tips to follow to see your man happy and here is how to make him desire you more.

Respect : Men are egoistic. They want their importance to show every time and if their ego gets hurt then you largeknow what happens!! The very first thing I would suggest is to respect your man’s feelings and let him feel your concern towards his work, decision and expression (as much as you can).

Research : Do your own research about your man, may be from his family or friends will tell you more about his likings and dislikings. This can be a great help to understand your partner more easily rather than waiting  and knowing him over the times.

Surprise kiss : Surprise him with a kiss. A real long passionate kiss. Your man should be surprised with your luscious lip-lock and this will create a mojo over him. Men loves this kind of surprise, take my word for granted.

Full body embrace : A tight passionate hug, a real pressing-up-against-his-body bear hug makes a man go wild at you. It helps your man to feel warm-blooded love towards him. He falls for it and his desire of loving you become more and more strong and passionate.

Soothing touch : Some man loves it. May be rubbing his hair or rubbing his back make him feel important to you. These are very simple trick to please your man. You can do these anywhere, anytime you feel like. Don’t forget to play with his chest hair 🙂 whenever you get a chance.

Text him : If you text him during his working hours and showing your concern can make him go crazy about you. This can release his work pressure and help refreshing his mind. But please don’t overdo it and never irritate him with some unpleasing text.

These are some simple tips to make your man desire you more. “What men secretly want” has some amazing tips which can pull your man and fall in love with you again and again. The amazing three word phrase (not the ones you’re thinking) is superb. I would highly recommend you to give it a try if you want. Its worth having.

How to make a man fall in love with you – 7 secrets

How to make a man fall in love with you – 7 secrets

If you are single and finding your true love then this section is for you. A man approaches a girl only then when heimage4 can’t pull him back from loving her. It may be for various reasons. If you like a guy and want him to love you then follow these 7 secrets to find your true love.

Falling in love or to want to fall in love with a man of your choice is the alarm of your sexual desire. You want to be in the arms of the man you like.

1. The first thing to see whether you are happy from inside or not. Man likes happy female faces. Happiness brings immense glow in anyone face. You can’t be artificial about it. A man should feel positive vibrant from you.

2. Femininity is sexy. Women can accentuate the way their body triggers a man’s sexual interest simply by adopting a feminine stance. To make a man fall in love with you, your femininity should be seen from every angle. Not only from your physical look but also from other behaviors as well.

3. Makeup works. By using light cover and improving your complexion, eye lashes, nails etc you can trigger man’s attraction. Men love to be with a girl who is slightly stylish with natural beauty. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

4. When a man looking for a partner he also tries to find out woman’s positive vibrancy. Energetic and confident woman with a positive attitude can attract any man quite easily. Men normally look for a girl for long term relationship. He tries to evaluate how will a girl behave in his life. Will he receive respect and love together from that girl etc.

5. Wear clothes that fit snugly against your hip and waist so that your curves do the talking for you. Try to look physically attractive by revealing femininity at its best. Maintain your figure. Men don’t like fat women.

6. Look around what kind of girls men are attracted to or friends with. Try to discover how other girls attracting men to them. Don’t blindly follow them but try to figure out the reason which you are lacking.

7. As I said earlier Never be artificial. Be what you are. Never follow anyone if you don’t like their life style. Don’t chase anything. Improve your personality and communication skill. Guys will definitely fall for you.

There can be many other aspect when man falls in love with a girl but one common thing is that when a man evaluates a woman, he automatically and unconsciously makes a mental judgment about the extent to which she will contribute or detract from his sense of ‘success’ as a man. Whether he will be respected or not.

Pairs are made in heaven so try to be a happy energetic women, you will surely find your true love in no time. Good Luck.